September 5, 2018 WASHINGTON — The U.S. Air Force’s top civilian has been one of the biggest critics of creating a separate military service for space, but now that President Donald Trump has directed the Pentagon to craft a new “Space Force,” she wants to make sure its done right.… Continue Reading Top US Air Force official is now on board with Trump’s Space Force plan

September 20, 2018 WASHINGTON — The effort to launch a proposal for the Space Force service branch has too much focus on things like uniforms and not enough on the streamline mission at the core of the corps’ reason for being created, a top Pentagon official Wednesday. Nevertheless, Deputy Defense… Continue Reading Space Force proposal will be lean and ready by February, Pentagon says

09/07/2018 06:57 AM EDT The proposed Space Force should be prepared to defend Earth from asteroid impacts and clean up space junk, says leading astrophysicist and space author Neil deGrasse Tyson. The sixth branch of the military recently proposed by President Donald Trump is slated to take on missions already… Continue Reading Neil deGrasse Tyson: Space Force mission should include asteroid defense, orbital clean up